Call for Submissions for May-June Issue

Please direct all submissions at . Before you send us anything, please go through the site to get an in-depth idea about our concepts. Please send your profile and a photograph with your submission. Do NOT paste your story / article or poetry in the body of your mail. We’ll get back to you within a month.


Currently, we are not accepting unsolicited translations for the poetry section. Send at least six poems written in English. We encourage the fragrance of your locale. Send the cover photo of your book if you have one.


If you are sending the review of a book written in any vernacular language, please translate 2 paragraphs if it is a story book or novel; and at least 5 poems if it is an anthology of poems as part of your review.


We would love it of you can keep it within the boundary of 3000 words.


Send 10 photographs or paintings if you would like to be featured in our next issue and we’ll select at least 8 from them. Be creative! We want to see the world through your eyes!


Send us academic articles as well as write-ups on any subject relevant to your native language and culture.


Want to take an interview of someone and publish here? Let us know! If we decide to go ahead, you’ll have to send us the transcript in English after taking the interview. We’ll appreciate some snaps and an audio clip as well.

Happy Reading!