Healing Voids & Other Poems: Sayani Banerjee


The twinkling stars in dark blue sky,
Are sweet to hear in beat-
But sweeter is the crinkling of
The stars at your feet.

The sun is bright shinning high
It can never touch the rose,
Brighter is the sparkling stone
Shinning on your nose.

Fresh is dew in Autumn’s grace
And soothing winds of Spring.
But never they can compete with
Your smile like darling wing.

The shampoo and its fragrance
On the lonely wooden bench-
The tune of hanging shameless blades
Cut my heart in gorgeous trench.

The censored love fastened with rope
The childish smiles with matured tears:
Three inches of ego. Pink and white.
Iron strikes for labyrinth fears!


Smooth your tears
That you have suppressed under
Layers of worthless words,-
And choking nights.

Tears are but drops of pearl
Preserved in the fathomless depth
Of the ocean – Blue, with
Your unconditional love.

The love that conquered Time
And came to us after decades of
Search and pain.
Now, we are at the result of it.

The fragrance of thy snowy shoulder
And the cushion alive with a heart,
Unplanned moments drew us closer
Than secret fingers does.

The sun-kissed lips dark with smoke
Eyes as dense as tropic canopy!
Turn me mad to run in sun
Or dream of being close to thee !

The lost count of fancy stars-
Warm with Blue or cold as Pale,
The eroded boulders from caldera of pain
Embrace its darling sea weeds.
But it love as grains of sand-
Sand, rough and crystalline
Shinning wet with amorous bliss.

The fluvial force of unreciprocated love,
Flavour of frozen chocolate –
Dead in lonely chill of freezer’s passion.
The fake smile decorating the wet lips
Moisturised with an unknown kiss.
My smoky dry lips tremble at its sight
With nightmares turning to reality!

Two scores and half decade of wait,
More decades yet to pass
Waiting for the honour of bliss
By the brim of crimson glass.
The hour of double Blue, and a little Green
Rehearsing for the right hour to sail-
And drown not in ocean of void
Last smile young, and brightly pale.


You were left speechless,
Even before you searched for words!
The roaring wagon consuming iron tracks,
From urban to the rural.

The amber with a morning touch
Smiled smoothly at the earphones –
Red and Black, as entangled as
My life. The smog of desperation.

The sombre mood behind plastic smiles
And restless nights waiting for sleep;
Vanishing point of sleep getting prominent.
The unresolved conflicts of real imaginations
And imaginary reality.

The uncensored love of names random on walls,
The dusty cups of roadside tea
Fuming with your names engraved on
The marble vault of Aeolian Castle.

I miss you even before you’re far
And wait in layers of Blue –
You don’t cause my pain but cure
All wounds with amorous glue!

Have you ever painted Crimson
Without the Yellow, bright like Spring?
Or perfect Lilac with only Red?
Red- the colour of my bloodshed;
And lonely clouds of your mood swing –
Teach me all sweet filthy lesson.

The jerks and sleep and dream unseen
Of darker shades of Blue –
The paralysed bliss of midnight curse
Engraving sleepless hue.

Why look at sea with wider eyes
When eyes are filled with sea-
The spilling drops of alkaline
Embracing endless ecstasy.

Perhaps, I guess, I was wrong –
Red is the strongest shade.
Blue is but a latent dark
That with the light shall fade.
Good morning to my shameless soul!
Chasing eerie thoughts.
I always be the ugly thing
You saw in childish shots.

The eyes are never changed for good,
For beauty or the beast-
The formal talks offer solace
To blueless purple feast.


Every night he returned
To the tent, on the wooden box
He kept his heart.
The war has squeezed out
All his emotions except one-
Faithful hope.

His lady, young of just late teens.
She sits by the stream and
Gazing at the sky with stars, waited
For him. He knew.
Now he close his eyes every night
And see her eyes dried up-
Still gazing with hope in stars.
He waited too.

Then one daybreak, the General
Looked pale with loss.
The Brigadier and his Brigade was
In Peace.
Shell bombarded. Midnight.
The man- our young soldier with Hope
Was in rest.
The enemy granted him his last wish.
He met his girl. For ever and ever.
But in a dimension devoid of
Greed, Iron and Blood.
Their eternal love shinning together
In the backdrop of ‘Blue’.

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Sayani Banerjee
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Sayani Banerjee (19-) is an under-graduate student of Gokhale Memorial Girl's College, craving for midnight sounds of her pencil. She has her world of words and images revolving around wheels of History, Politics and cultural ideologies. One of her poems have been recently published in 'Love is so short: An anthology of female love poetry' edited by Valli Poole."


  1. ballari sen
    May 11, 04:08 Reply
    Regardless of what you are, what you are fighting for or simply cloning your yesterdays for another sphere of a brighter latitude, your poems speak of a deep victory, let your spirits rock, way to go. Congratulations.

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