The Cadaverine Man & Other Poems: Rajosik Mitra

The Cadaverine Man & Other Poems: Rajosik Mitra


She shone against the obsidian night,
The great blackness of the sky..
Like a half moon, a light from beyond
The known, and notions
Of life that glue the day
To night, woven by the locus of tides..
All my swagger and pride, curling smoke
In broad daylight, rock and dope die
Where the world ends and mountains rise
As my paper and pixel-dream sheets together
What we felt, in the sudden fields
Of peacock-hill as she stood there,
Waving ‘mid tall-grown grass
And the sea-green breeze
Carried me among the waves,
Lifted me in the air..
Maybe, only idiots run in despair
When the day breaks above clouds
While kids turn in dreams
Of cream, vanilla and a hoverboard-high
Beside streets lined with doors all asleep,
And speed yanks the pituitary
Down high-school corridors..
I have visions of when I’m running
Through simulations of a world
I have yet to explore;
A world full of mortal souls
Floating alone, in the denseness
Of void, in all that we know..
Where saints make bed upon
High-born snow and watch flowers
In our only world bloom below..
Where clouds gather thick with joy
Raining down on table-top hills,
Quenching the dark and the albino..
Where frolic fills lit up streets
In the shape of my love,
The soothing breeze has it’s dream
Of a home by the sea,
And long rivers carry on..
All this and I’ve yet to be
Climbing down the chasms of mystery,
Questions and answers
To what all of this is meant to be;
All this music I hear,
My life, and the only world known to me.



Light-bloom windows somberly
Gaze streets and alleys
That run into each other
And merge and melt.
Propped up against the rooftop tank
I could see the shape
Of all Creation bent
To the whim, of this moment.
You have me on my heels,
I cannot read symbols
On an evening sky,
As all heavens convene
Of matters to be seen,
You have me floating upstream
As my life rushes by.
I have been the ocean’s blue
In visions that are half untrue;
Still, the evening’s reddish hue
Burns autumn in your hair..
Floating above barb wires,
That await the winter.



Balanced at the edge of my dreams
Is a vision eluding me;
Like the rain falling soft in the dark,
You hear but cannot see.
To have once heard the lore,
To have it linger like an image
From an old dream of long before-
Is the key to a strange truth.
Truth that will guide you soon,
Like moth to a distant moon.
I have loved the things
I see and hear, in vain.
Searched every back-alley
For a fix with a higher sustain.
To now lie forgetful and just breathe
In the air that fills my breath;
Somehow keeps me beating and I see,
Shapes that thrive
In the love of death.


Thoughts are only neural noise now,
No straightening it out.
Weave them into
Overgrown cobweb tangles
That noodle around the fork..
Sleep straightens things out
In the dark as I know,
All pathways lead to a noisy
Static before the dawn
And break into a thousand barks
At a homeless wretch lying by the park,
To straighten things out
With his past, the pawn-broker
Is up feeding
The scavenger crow.
Then there will be noise and
Blood and intestine
Rattling chains around
Chickens and their guts
Shall be splayed in the market
While someone shouts
Sausage-news from the papers
Besides the price
For a limp-white horse.
On a heap of golden sunshine
The glorious f*cktards
Shall comb and water their
Money-plant hair
And swim out to the
Pale blue sky..
And glass and steel burn
Bright and high
Since the hours of morn;
And even when the streets are left
To men playing with their shadows
In the dark
Bringing in billboards
To light up a moonless night..
To carve a city
So gaunt but gold,
And black smoke rising from behind.
There’d be drains like canals
Gently carrying
A million souls
Floating obedient
To the final sea of rest
Unlit by neon and strobes
Of past life, their perfumes,
Dressed in their best.
My city glows, it’s windows bloom,
And gutters shimmer-scatter
Light from the slippery
Skins of mermaids and plastic
Ballerinas of late..
The taxi-cabs whizz upon the tramline
Near killing me at the crossing today
As rebel among rebellious men..
The cadaverine man
In another night, another town,
Shall walk again.

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Still a student. Writes poetry, composes song, and plays guitar.

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