Don’t Fear an Apology & other poems



Too hot to hide under sheets

Mandu lay naked in bed

Her back sticky from sweat

A voice echoed in her head



Get up, get up, get up!

There’s so much to be done

Mandu couldn’t lift a finger

So she let her nose run



The walls absorbed the smell

Of dirty clothes and dirty dishes

Inconvenience became a stalker

Fish curry ceased to be delicious



Her thoughts could be no louder

And her tongue only played dumb

Starting to feel like stone

Mandu waited for sleep to come


Most incongruent buddies brought together

Confirmed bird brains of the same feather;

A European genius nestled in the tropic

His land welcomes our maestro, brown and myopic;

Sat with drinks, comparing the weather.



If you think you’d lose face, I’m afraid you are wrong

When you notice a mistake, never take too long

Wisdom will only point at today

Tomorrow will always be too far away

To accept your regret can only make you strong.

The Epitaph Of Vincent Vaseline



It is with great struggle that I am able to let you in on a secret. Not by virtue of secrecy, but as a function of my stoic tendencies. I’ve been running for fourteen fortnights and am on the edge of losing my well deserved inertia; The hands of the clock burn my insides like the one from between the buttons. Damn the world if I lose this race!

A disorganized jellyfish floats in panic inside my skull

Hopping from bullet to bullet

On my list of undone things

But out of luck I’m down here stuck

In the grave of a boiled vegetable.

-Vincent Vaseline (Yesterday – Tomorrow)


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Adrija Chakrabarti
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Adrija Chakrabarti, 20, is a student of Psychology in the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. She started writing at the age of six, writing mostly prose. However, the ambiguous nature of poetry attracted her in her late adolescence. As a recovering patient of depression, she finds solace in expressing in verse what she otherwise cannot articulate.

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