Life as a purple beach : Tanvir Ratul

Life as a purple beach : Tanvir Ratul



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Tanvir Ratul
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Tanvir Ratul, born 2nd June, lives in Liverpool; he mainly writes poetry and nonfiction and ideologically opposes the concept of literary organization based on profit making mechanism. He is currently working as a researcher and faculty member at a University, his teaching interest remains within Literature and Creative Writing, whereas, research domain includes Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics. Published Books are: কবিতা সংকলন: ঘোরের লাটিম আর সুতার জ্যামিতি ঢাকা তলপেট, -অন্ধগান, -সর্বনাম গ্রাম, -চামড়ার খাতা আর জুয়ার কলম। শব্দার্থের এপিঠ ওপিঠ -বিশ্বায়ন, গেরিলা নামেই অর্ধেক পিনিক, -শেষকথা পানপাত্র, -পরিশিষ্টে আমি ও আমরা। বক্ষপিঞ্জর বনাম ওষ্ঠ আর চোখবন্ধের কবিতা। He has translated 'Television of the Rotten Soul' (Poems of Falguni Ray, jointly with Atindriyo Chakraborty), and Charyapada by himself into English. He is the editor of the magazine Lastbench- available online and also in print. Since 2001, he successfully runs Antivirus Publications which aims to promote excellence in arts through affordable means.

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