3 Poems: Anirban chattopadhyay

Cylinder is kept at the dickey of the four-wheeler
That is stockpiled narcotics; using it
The four-wheeler enters a love-scene
Moving lush green, scattered Sun on its way
The Black road with a centre parting
Feminine hair in a slender mirror—fantastic

Four-wheeler meaning a car climbs up the hilltop
Faces huge valley autumn-blue sky.
Man shoe woman shoe descend, with their crispy clothing

Drinking water after a bite of gooseberry
Love you dear like that indescribable sweetness
Did the car climb up so high just to utter these words?

The accumulated gust out of a sliced pumpkin
shakes the Indian Flag
I reach for your earlobes on a morning
full of patriotic songs and sex and
start washing you like dried pumpkin seeds
Our relation edits itself back to normalcy thru this action

A millennium is over; let’s go to Rangoon
faces asleep on the deck of the ship;
alcoholic fumes brew in the salted wind
the ancient merchant is still awake by the side of the mast
with just the thought of visiting Rangoon—
you and me who left in casuals
search for approaching Burma clutching the deck railing
dawn comes slowly through the crushed ginger-smell…

you’re very fond of August. As if
you’re from an old family of Congress loyals
and you can buy all the story books by yourself…why?

I make an elephant out of an old tin; for you
the shadow of the elephant, gives respect to the flat tin-elephant
legs become fleshy, belly full of fat
sunshine is so unique that it gives a lakh rupees to a dead animal
but the elephant is never by my side when I’m at war with you…

we’re very fond of heaths
pretty below the sky high above the other humans
driver has chicken-pox, so we walk to the heath
domestic swans are visible from there
I feel like kissing so much; I wish my lips turn deep yellow…

Lets leave the city the clean toilets –
for a wilderness
we’ll return after fourteen years like the exiled Naxalite leaders
sit on white commode and hug a lament—and a huge tree trunk
as if a woodpecker; like Marich we’ll chase the golden deer
winter sunlight
Only to return I for you and you for me and an impending childbirth…

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