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  • Memory Strategies for University Students to Make Use Of

    Creating, as an art and lifestyle, may be the backbone of the short narrative. She uses many ways to express her information which I can academic writing evaluate through the

  • Carnival in Brazil: Raju Roychoudhury

    BRAZIL 9
  • Afrida with Frida Kahlo & Other paintings: Afrida Tanzim

    Dacca 2


  • Manolis Anagnostakis: The existentialist silence of post-war Greece


    One of the most significant poets of Greece after World War II, Manolis Anagnostakis was in reality a practicing radiologist. The distraction created by two completely different facets of life—poetry

  • The Minimal & Infinite

    labour of love-4

    Our time, habits & nuances have been changing rapidly since ‘90s. It started from 1991, through Manomohan Singh’s reform & liberalized economic policies .Then  it started with more sweeping changes

  • My Elder Brother & Other poems

    Dhiman C Pic

    An important Bengali poet of 80’s, Dhiman Chakraborty was born and brought up in Kolkata. The first edited magazine by Chakraborty was ‘Aalaap’ (Introduction / Conversation). In the year of

  • A man and his hat & Other poems


    Water in mirror (original poem: AGUA EN ESPEJOS) Faces do not have age it waves only through the faces The subtle mantle of the universe To cover the unrest of

  • The formula of taking over & Other Poems


    Columbus Columbus You have picked up my life from dusty roads! You have carried evidence like mucus. You have let it loose under the bed at the end of dawn.

  • I’m a dropout horse


    I always suffer from the dilemma whether poetry can at all be “translated”. These one-liners have been translated, with necessary changes in some texts, keeping in mind the main spirit

  • Silver-tongued Goddess & Other poems


    Expressions    My verses are born in the silence where Zebras play with their colts. After a long expedition, I’ve found a page marker, an intense negation and the shadow

  • Strawberries


    “A being which exists before it can be defined by any conception of it is human reality” – Heidegger. Reality is a female. Reality – of self– decaf/short/syrup/lait. That exists

  • Wind-script, Trigger Happy & Other Poems


    1. Walk into the eerie; and sense who drills thy tomb with the wind-stone. 2. The propeller turns as a maze. On whose flesh that maroon nightgown murmurs? Oh human-toy!

  • The Chemistry-Lover who doesn’t have a Nuclear Sense


    As we returned from the proposed nuclear power plant, we carried a pamphlet with us. When we reached back our village, the electricity had stopped. I ran to the room

  • This letter won’t be long…


    “But we, by a love so much refined, That ourselves know not what it is, Inter-assured of the mind, Care less, eyes, lips, and hands to miss.” – Chapter 10,

  • Blues for a Black Cat


    Boris Vian (1920-59) led a rather too short life on this earth. But, within that 39 years, he wrote 10 novels, 42 short stories, 7 theatre pieces, 400 songs, 4 poetry