It was during the rule of the Pala kings in Bengal (7th CE-11th CE) that the old Sanskrit language, having turned into several derivative or Apabhramsa languages and also having mingled with several of the spoken languages of the people known as Prakrit, had, in these parts of the subcontinent, turned into Magadhi, Ardh-Magadhi – meaning half-Magadhi – and then

Eternal Mulberry:Manindra Gupta – Part II

Part 2 Calcutta A few years later of my mother’s death, my grandmother became eager to see me. It was then for the first time I visited Calcutta [Kolkata] along with my paternal grandmother. Some reminiscences of the city that occurred past half a century still reside on my memory. The house we were headed to was located either at

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Memory Strategies for University Students to Make Use Of

Creating, as an art and lifestyle, may be the backbone of the short narrative. She uses many ways to express her information which I can academic writing evaluate through the

Witnessing Syria

Children carrying guns play soccer during the siege